Set yourself free of Processes

We can provide you with a turnkey solution for your very own App ~ keeping YOUR Brand, Clients, Staff & Suppliers in THEIR pockets!

Cross Platform

Your app on everyones devices. PWA (HTML5), iOS, Android, iPads & Tablets

Push Notifications

You can add images, videos, links, anything thats Digital to anything you want to say

Boost Engagement

With our wide array of functionality, we provide you with greater engagement solutions with your users.

App Dashboard

We provide you with the easiest app management dashboard so you can make changes on the fly.

Hub Management

Add your most used Systems to your Control Panel

User Management

Optimise preferences, adding value to Users experience, enabling you to make informed decisions

Amazing Features

Our Apps come with tons of great features to further enhance your brand & connection with your audiences

Easy Customization

We make it easy for you to make adjustments to your app on the fly from our intuitive dashboard.

Automatic Updates

We update your app with the latest technologies consistently and at no extra cost to you.

Selective Push Notifications

Send targeted messages to the right people through the use of selective Push Notifications.

Top Notch Support

We will help you through every step of the process.

Loyalty Programs

Give your customers every incentive to become a repeat customer.

Mobile Shopping

Our multiple ecommerce integrations will make it easy for you to sell more products!

Push Notifications

Instantly reach out to your customers on the devices they use every day.

Smart Sync

Make changes to your app on your dashboard and publish them out to your app instantly.

Social Walls & Groups

Your own social network inside the app. Community walls people can post on and get notifications from.

App Information

Include just about anything in the app using our powerful text widget. Embed forms, video & more with the source code editor.

Places & GPS

List all of your places and contact info making it easy for people to find you.


Include contact information for everyone who works in your organization.

Proven Technology

Our technology empowers countless apps in the marketplace today. You can count on us to deliver solutions that will provide real value for your business.

Apps for ALL Sectors

Our platform is robust and can handle the needs for nearly any organisation. Let's talk today and see how we can help you achieve your mobile needs.

What some of our Clients say!

Every Client has a different need, benefit and ROI.

AFS - The Smart Investor App - I have been working with Claire now for over a year in digitising all of my Life Style products & Services. Having created 4 Websites, 2 full mobile store Apps, over 50 videos, multiple interactive data collection & analysis forms, developing brand clarity, along with endless bespoke messaging graphics, I have to say, I am delighted with the results.

Prosperity Lifestyle App - Made the process as easy as it could possibly be, from start to finish, for a first timer! Claire is very knowledgeable, hands on and easy to work with. Thanks Claire - would highly recommend!

CourierCompare App - A stunning flexible result, an amazing platform, easy to use, delighted!!

CMLGhost said "A great two way mechanism to get a job done in total confidence ~ I had a web page for 6yrs which returned no direct enquiries, within 3 wks of releasing my App I had a project enquiry from Australia ~ WOW!"

56 Consultants said "Their support is awesome! They helped me get my app launched off the ground in no time!

Spa92 said "This app has been huge in helping me grow my business and connect with my customers, saved £100's in Reception Staff. Using the Share App feature, I no longer use leaflets or worry about expensive content changes, I can spend more in product improvement delighting Clients"

Genie Networks said "Combined with the AuditApp Platform we were able save management time, money, increase our productivity, improve data reporting and extend our community engagement reach"

Changing Events said "The Platform has enabled me to design a fully interactive App which is changing the way Hosts and Guests communicate, before, during and after an event. It is a true 'game changer' for our Business"

BizBoom said "Made my life easier in one day - this is a suite of Apps that have helped to measure my work life and normal life so much easier ~ we have also been able to incorporate 3 different business services in one App, whilst retaining an overall Brand ~ very clever!"

Hop and Horn said "there is nothing like being able to send Push Notifications to all of our customers, we often have on the spot special offers and its a great way to get the news out fast"


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

How do I view the Demo App's?

You cannot view these App's from a mobile phone - click the Demo button via the menu tab and launch through a Tablet, iPad, Lap or Desktop PC.

What is the monthly fee for?

The monthly fee is a combination of Air Time usage & technical feature maintenance updating. The more features you have, the more it costs us to support them. You have the ability to make live changes to your app, it's not static. It's a living breathing platform that lives in the app stores.

I want to build and design my own?

There are an abundance of DIY platforms available, we believe ours is the simplest to use, so sign up for a 7 day Trial - all we need is your email address to attach it to an App template with your chosen features. With it comes a full support library of tutorial videos to help you. Pay only for your Plan plus 1 month pre-onboarding ~ DIY Google & Apple Developer Licenses apply.

I haven't got the time to build my own App - what happens then?

We can either start you off with your image loading screens ONLY, basic About, chosen features & contact information, publish it across all 5 platforms for £295* and let you do the rest when its live, OR you can choose for us to build a bespoke presence including artwork & copy FROM as little a £595 ~ they are all different depending on how much work is involved. All Onboarding fee's payable pre-publication. *Check monthly plans for device compatibilty.

Do you supply Live One - to - One Training?

Yes - D.A.D ~ Digital Application Develpment ~ An all inclusive live, one-to-one remote Train & Build Moduler Programme. Includes 28 hours Wireboarding/Scoping, Build to Publish, Marketing Awareness, Graphic Design Tools, all inclusive cost of £1372 ~ Add £155 for Certified OSCAR Accredited Recognition Certificate. Eligible for Digital Regional Funding of 80% towards costs ~ See in App for details. Alternatively - payment plans are available.

Can you supply on-going App content management & regular push notification service?

Yes we can - the cost for this is volume driven and totally bespoke to you. You can either pay per campaign, per month, or buy credits. Minimum Credit on account purchase is £138 and usage is charged out in blocks of £23 equates to 30 minutes ~ e-Timesheets supplied.

I cannot afford the higher plan but want a feature adding to my basic plan?

The Plans are all feature inclusive - if you want to add one or two additional features, you can cherry pick to suit your needs and we can bespoke a financial plan to suit you. Some Clients choose not to pay by monthly D/D and opt to pay annually receiving a discount - it's entirely up to you.

I'm OK putting my App together myself but not designing logos and screens, can you help with this?

Yes of course we can. If you don't have an existing Brand our Graphic Design Team will be happy to quote, or, if you have, we will be able recreate suitable App friendly images for you.

How often can I make changes to my App?

Every hour of the day if you wish and its instant in iOS and Android. 3 areas that form part of your Branding and Identity are, App button, Name and Loading Screens. Whilst these can be changed they require a full resubmission to the stores for license checking and will take up to 5 days in Android and 15 days in Apple to clear.

I know the dashboard is easy but I still don't have the time to make 'on the fly' changes?

That's OK we can do that for you as well. Very quick changes can be done for you, normally same day and FOC. If you need more work doing, save the 'tweaks' up and we will do them all in one session, as a minimum charge of £46 per hour is made and in multiples of 30 mins thereafter. You will be AMAZED what we can achieve in an hour ~ leaving you to do what you do best!

How does the app dashboard work?

Our app dashboard gives you a real time preview of your app so that you can make changes just by clicking and editing. Just click the publish button when you're ready for your changes to go live!

How do Push Notifications work?

In the control panel we have a section where you can set and schedule push notifications to go out to All of your users or specific groups of your choice that you have created.

What are APN's?

Advanced Push Notifications are a premium feature. Over and above the alert - you can add images, videos, external digital links AND further Call to Action buttons to point your users to any part of your App, make calls, email, web, social media - in effect, a mini campaign newsletter. With Super Advanced you can pinpoint even deeper by tagging.

What are PWA's?

Progressive Web Apps are the next generation of web apps offering the most advanced user experience, on mobile, tablets and desktop alike. PWA's claim, on average, 3 times more visitors than native apps, as well as sessions that are 8 times longer than those of classic websites. Arguments that constitute an essential tool for your business, one that attracts new visitors just as well as it engages your existing community. They can be instantaneously installed directly on your users' home screens, without them having to download anything or go through the stores. Their incomparable lightness also eliminates any memory constraints a device may have at the time of installation. As PWA are browser-based, they require no installation. This means that smartphone users no longer have to go through the lengthy process of searching an app market to confirm credentials and then wait for the product to install. With PWA, it is simply a case of clicking a URL link. What’s more, PWA can be saved to the home screen or app tray of a smart device for instant access.

Why don't you publish Case Studies?

A lot of the work we do is in conjunction with other development projects and subject to NDA's - these digital applications form part of our Clients solutions and their overall business strategies - so we can't. However, you are more than welome to contact featured companies directly - all their contact details are within their Apps, we are pretty confident that they would be happy to hear from you.

What happens if I cancel my App payments?

If you were to cancel, which you may do so at any time, your app will be removed from the app store and the current app would cease to function. Talk to us first before you do ~ there is always a solution to help you achieve your results. See inApp T&C's & the Pennies FAQ below.

Why is AuditApp separate to The Enterprise Platform?

We have two Companies - Profile TBSC Ltd D-U-N-S Number : 73-308-4532 which delivers our Consultancy and Creative design work for allsorts of projects. Our 3rd generation legacy Co. MAC Digitals Technology Ltd D-U-N-S Number : 21-938-2070 holds the IPR for our main platform and is the license bearer for the mobile Apps. AuditApp and Enterprise are products of the Companies - all of which are under the same umbrella ownership, trading styles of each other and all are categorised within our ICO license.

What is Cloning?

This is where a developer has a Master template that they re-use over & over and simply change the branding to suit the new client. Basically, the same tin of beans with a different livery - hence a lot of Apps out there look & behave in an identical manner and do not 'live & breathe' the ethos or culture or creativity of your Enterprise. The problem with this is that if the master is changed it populates the rest, hence them being very restrictive in use. Enterprise does not CLONE - all App's are bespoke.

What is Scoping?

Regardless of engaging in using any App, this is where we can provide you with full Consultancy Business Strategy planning, supported with summary completion written analysis, recommendations & outcomes. This process can be used in seeking a solution as to how your business can achieve what you really want? Whether it be scoping out an initial App build in meeting those needs, or drawing in external resources, or non-digital soft skill development. As this would form part of YOUR Strategy, all works are carried out under NDA’s & our ISO 9001:2008 Accreditation. Rates are by the day ~ £295 remote UK & International ~ £395 on Client site anywhere in the UK ~ International POA or disbursements by the Client ~ Just ask us about flexible usage. If you decide to proceed with outcomes/recommendation, the scoping charge will be refunded against contract.

Scoping from the Ground Up?

If we don't have a confirgurable feature and you would like advice & costs to build an application specific to your idea - this starts at £2950.00 for iOS & Android OS and £695.00 for PWA - both are refundable against the build costs, NON REFUNDABLE if the project does not progress.

What is Full Enterprise Plan?

This is for Enterprises who need the ability to build & capture bespoke complex data, Manage, Assess & Communicate from any device, anywhere, on anything. Full details can be found via the Enterprise site ~ Some clients use a n umber of 3rd party software applications, which we can add to your portal, the 'workhorse' and engagement, all depending on what you need to achieve.

The Pennies Section

PAYMENTS ~ 1st Air Time payment taken pre-onboarding - non refundable, 2nd & thereafter by D/D 1st of the month folllowing. If paid in full for 12 mths - 1 mth FREE on ALL plans. Any commissioned build work under £1000 is 50% with order - balance pre-publication. For larger builds, 30% with order followed by agreed interim payments, balances pre-publication. No refunds on builds or design work. Discuss with us any alternative plans & options to suit your budget. CONDITIONS ~ There are no fixed Contracts on plans - if air time payments are cancelled - Apps are deactivated immediately with a 14 day 'correction' period before being removed from the respective App stores. Day to day minor content tweaks are handled FOC normally same day - see webpage or ask for details.

Can I Monetise my App?

Yes you can – for this you will need your own Apple & Google developer account & upgrade Air Time plans. ALL the T&C’s, Legal issues, Support, Merchandising & Distribution is driven by them independantly, along with the respective fees they charge, which is between you and them, we cannot help you with this.

Finally - Just Ask?

If you don't readily see a function or a feature to suit your purpose, just ask as we are likely to have it in our tool kit. If not, we will either build it for you or provide you with a solution. Don't forget you can pick & mix features & make your own price plan, from Junior upwards.

Guide Pricing to Air Time

Simple, Affordable, Straight Forward, Pick & Mix, No Contracts

Simply PWA

$£19/per month /month

  • The Progressive Web App
  • Use through ANY devices native browser
  • NO iOS or Android Developer Licenses
  • Annual SSL Cert fee's apply
  • Your Enterprise
  • Advanced Push Notification History
  • User Management & Tagging
  • Ability to add multiple features
  • Edit own content
  • FREE to all Users~Clients~Suppliers~Staff
  • Add additional System CP Users £9pm
  • Prices per month or payable annulally £199
  • Add optional Hub Management to External Systems ~ one off fee £95
  • If you cannot see what you are looking for just ASK! Includes 45 minutes remote Control Panel familiarisation
  • Prices exempt from UK VAT
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Solopreneur Plan

$£29/per Company /month

  • Your Enterprise
  • Advanced Push Notifications
  • Further Call to Action within Notifications
  • User Management & Tagging
  • Ability to add multiple features
  • Edit own content
  • PWA(HTML5)
  • Android
  • iStore
  • FREE to all Users~Clients~Suppliers~Staff
  • Add additional System CP Users £9pm
  • Prices per month or payable annulally £319
  • Add optional Hub Management to External Systems ~ one off fee £95
  • If you cannot see what you are looking for just ASK!
  • Lifetime Google $25 & Apple $99 per year Developer Licenses apply as at 01/11/2017
  • Includes 45 minutes remote Control Panel familiarisation
  • App Store inclusion Optional
  • Prices exempt from UK VAT
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Self Managed - Be Innovative

$£59/per Company /month

  • Your Enterprise
  • Unlimited Features
  • App Editor & Viewer Console
  • Super Advanced Push Notifications
  • RSS Feeds
  • CRM User Management & Tagging
  • Add additional System CP Users £9pm
  • PWA(HTML5)
  • iOS
  • Android
  • iPad
  • Android Tablets
  • FREE to all Users~Clients~Suppliers~Staff
  • Prices per month or payable annually £649
  • Add optional Hub Management to External Systems ~ one off fee £95
  • Add optional GEOFencing ~ Feature Access Security ~ In App Purchasing £25 pm
  • If you cannot see what you are looking for just ASK!
  • Google & Apple Developer Licenses apply
  • Includes 60 minutes remote Control Panel familiarisation
  • Prices exempt from UK VAT
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Full Enterprise - Now you're talkin'

$£195/per Company /month

  • As in Self Managed
  • Enterprise Engagement App & Fully Branded Enterprise Platform
  • 20+ multi functional AuditApp tools
  • Track & Trace
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Data Exporting & Reporting
  • Full Management System
  • Additional Back Office System Managers £9/pm
  • Prices per month or annually £2145
  • *Required system Onboarding £695 in advance pre-commissioning PLUS design costs for mobile App
  • Any Device~AnyDocument~Any Data~Anywhere
  • FREE to all Users~Clients~Suppliers~Staff
  • Includes 90 minutes remote Control Panel familiarisation
  • Prices exempt from UK VAT
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